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Brand New Vacu Fit® Equipment!

Vacu Fit® Elliptical is an elliptical trainer enclosed in a vacuum chamber. Vacu Fit® Thermal is a treadmill enclosed inside of a heated chamber.

Vacu Fit® equipment improves blood & lymph circulation in areas where larger amounts of fat are naturally deposited: abdomen, thighs & buttocks. This results in rapid transport of fatty substrates to the tissue muscle. Vacu Fit® is an ideal solution for those wishing to obtain the perfect effects of exercise 4 times faster.

How It Works:

The secret of the effectiveness of the Vacu Fit® Elliptical is underpressure. The application of underpressure draws the blood into the dermal layer and boosts circulation. This allows blood enriched with nutrients and oxygen to enter the fatty tissue and effectively transport toxins and burnt fatty acids away from the problem areas of the body. The result is an improvement in the firmness and smoothness of skin and a reduction in inches of the waist, hips and thighs.
The Vacu Fit® Thermal penetrates the skin with twice as much depth and with ten times more intensified heat then conventional means. Its benefits may be seen not only in the skin but the equipment also aids in loss of inches in the lower body. The heat binds free radicals allowing more effective skin cleansing, fatty tissue removal and a reduction in the appearance of cellulite, resulting in firmer, smoother skin.

Benefits of Using Vacu FIT®:

Use of Vacu Fit® equipment improves circulation of blood & lymph, reduces appearance of cellulite, increases metabolism, burns fat faster, promotes positive mood, improves body profile, tones & smoothes skin
Research has confirmed that Vacu Fit® equipment provides revolutionary results in weight loss without the “yoyo effect.” The results from only 10 sessions stays while vitality and physical shape improves